Isabelle Richard CEO & Founder of Talent Flow Coworking

and Startup Factory Academy Incubator Program

Isabelle Richard is an accomplished business entrepreneur with experience in the creation, rollout/implementation and subsequent expansion of business ventures in the industrial product development. Tested management and entrepreneurial skills throughout the various business start-up phases. Launch and expansion of 1 company in Hong Kong and a subsidiary in China (13 employees). Launch of 2 companies in Europe in France and Austria (7 employees).

„I am passionated about new ideas and love to start from scratch and build up the all process of business model.“

Hardware FMCG including analysis of market trends, product definition and positioning, technical development, engineering, feasibility, cost analysis, standards compliance, importing, establishment of marketing and distribution partnerships and development and loyalty building for export customers.

Global view of business models and various startup process phases.

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